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Expert BIO
by Miriam Salpeter

Miriam Salpeter, M.A., founder of Keppie Careers, is an influential job search and social media subject matter expert. CNN called her a "top 10 job tweeter you should be following" and Mashable listed her as a "top 5 career influencer.” Quoted in a variety of publications, including The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times, Miriam’s writing regularly appears in outlets such as Business Insider and U.S. News & World Report. Forbes named Miriam’s blog a "best career resource." Author of Social Networking for Career Success (in its second edition) and co-author of 100 Conversations for Career Success and Social Networking for Business Success, Miriam is a preferred career coach partner for the Alumni Association of the University of Michigan and a highly-regarded keynote speaker, trainer and coach for job seekers, business owners, and organizations.