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by Susan Whitcomb

Overview/What You Will Learn

Now that you understand what your target employer seeks, in Part 2 of her series Susan Whitcomb turns to the Internal “FIT” -- clarifying your own identity as a job candidate to determine the optimum career match for you.  

Key Points

  • Knowing what you are passionate about is very important, BUT IT HAS to intersect with what employers and the marketplace want.  They’re focused on your strengths, skills, experience, attitude and ROI (what you can contribute to the business).
  • The attitude and likeability factor can help compensate for lack of experience or skills.
  • The “Why Buy? ROI” factor is the most critical for your success.  Clarify your value proposition, the tangible value you offer your potential employer, so you can convey it every chance you get.
  • Internal “FIT”, which incorporates the optimum match elements from the candidate’s perspective, consists of the following:
    • “F” represents Fulfillment - or living a meaningful life.  This entails knowing where you want to go in your career and where you want to be 10, 15 or 20 years from now.
    • “I” stands for Initiative – what you are willing to do to achieve your objectives. Graduates with the most initiative earn jobs faster, often over candidates with higher GPAs or stronger skill sets.  Initiative also bridges gaps between interests and abilities, compensating for lack of experience, for example, if you are driven enough.
    • “T” stands for Things that Matter – the values and priorities that are most important to you to achieve satisfaction.  Is it influence you’re after? Income? Reputation? Social responsibility? Flexible schedule?

Your Next Steps / Tips for Success

  • Complete the remaining elements of your Master FIT form.
  • Finish any due diligence related to what employers want (e.g., your Why Buy? ROI statement).
  • Proceed to Part 3 of Assess Your AssetsDetermine Your Direction to Jumpstart Your Job Search!

Expert BIO
by Susan Whitcomb

Susan Whitcomb is founder and president of The Academies, including Career Coach Academy, Job Search Academy & Leadership Coach Academy. She brings two decades of experience to her work as an author and speaker. People come away from Susan’s keynotes, trainings, and coaching encounters with an “I can do it!” perspective, helping them tap into the awareness, attitudes, and action plans that cause a life-changing shift from stagnant or stuck to unstoppable.

Susan is the author of the best-selling “Magic Series” published by JIST, including Job Search Magic, Interview Magic, and Resume Magic, now in its 4th edition. Her book, 30-Day Job Promotion: Build a Powerful Promotion Plan in a Month, is part of JIST's popular Help-in-a-Hurry series. Her recent book The Christian’s Career Journey marries her career experience with a Bibilical approach to careers and calling. And, coming 2010, Susan’s newest book, The Twitter Job Search Guide, promises to reveal how job seekers and careerists can leverage the power of social media to advance their careers. Susan is also coauthor of eResumes: Everything You Need To Know (McGraw-Hill) and author of a 400-page career coaching reference accompanying the Certified Career Management Coach program offered through Career Coach Academy.

She has been a careers columnist and featured chat guest for and America Online and, as an industry expert, has been cited in U.S. News & World Report, CBS, the Dow Jones’ National Business Employment Weekly, and numerous national publications. She serves on the board of, and was former Executive Director for, Career Management Alliance (formerly Career Masters Institute).

Her designations include Professional Certified Coach (PCC) from International Coach Federation, Certified Career Management Coach, Certified Job Search Strategist, Certified Life Coach, Certified Professional Christian Coach, Master Resume Writer, Nationally Certified Resume Writer, and Credential Career Manager.

Career Coach Academy’s Certified Career Management Coach (CCMC) program and Leadership Coach Academy’s Certified Leadership & Talent Management Coach (CLTMC) program have been designated as providers of 30 hours (each) of Approved Coach Specific Training Hours (“ACSTH”) through International Coach Federation.