Beyond B-School
How to Showcase Your MBA in Your Resume
by Ross Macpherson, President, Career Quest
by Ross Macpherson, President, Career Quest

Do more than list your MBA. Showcase your MBA, don’t just mention it:

  1. Include it, even if you haven't finished it yet.
    Different ways that you can say you're finishing or midway through an MBA:
    • MBA Candidate
    • MBA (in progress)
    • MBA (competing)
    • MBA (graduating 2016 or 2017)

  2. Mention it multiple times.
    There are specific places you can mention in in your resume not just in the Education section. Feel free to mention it 2-3 times.

    • Put it in top section of the Profile. Also enter it on bottom of the Profile section and highlight it.
    • Put MBA on your Name. Also at the bottom of the Profile, mention it again.
    The whole idea is to showcase it in a number of different ways so people can see it upfront.

  3. Consider moving your education section on to page 1, especially if you don't have an awful lot of relevant work experience.

    Let's say you're getting your MBA right after your get your undergraduate degree. Your education is the bulk of what you're using to leverage this career move. You don't have a ton of work experience so you need to showcase your education on page 1, upfront.

    Making a career switch for example from IT to marketing and your MBA is going to help you make that transition. Move the education up because it's the more relevant piece to where you're trying to go and move the experience down.


    Elizabeth Denholm's MBA - At the top half of page 1. She completed her MBA already in Sports Management. She's looking into a career transition.

    Highlight everything you want to where she wants to go.
    • Mention MBA after her name
    • Mention it in bold right at top of the profile
    • Instead of jumping into Work Experience which is not relevant, put Education section first. Bold it

  4. If you completed a specialty MBA or went to a distinguished school, mention it!

    If you've got a specialty MBA and that's where you want to move your career, please mention it. Highlight the specialty.

    • If your MBA is from a distinguished school or program, brag about it.
    • If the MBA is geographically relevant, for example if you're located in Dallas or Fort Worth, and you have a TCU MBA, mention that as it makes sense to that market.

  5. Include relevant projects, courses and other details (especially for career changers).

    List the courses in your MBA that are relevant.


    Education section of an MBA – wants to push the marketing component
    • List a no. of things associated with the MBA (i.e. recipient, organization, project, relevant coursework itemized)
    • Instead of listing a whole lot of details, focused only on projects. Provide 3 relevant projects that further show qualification. Not enough detail but enough to add weight in the education section and add weight to further showcase the MBA.

So that's it. Don't just list your MBA in 1 spot. But find strategic ways to showcase your resume throughout your resume.

Ross Macpherson is the President of Career Quest, a Certified Personal Branding Strategist, Certified Online Identity Strategist, Certified Interview and Job Search Coach, and is recognized as one of the best resume writers in North America. With over 15 years experience in the career industry, he specializes in advanced strategies that help senior and executive professionals throughout the US, Canada, and internationally. His work has been featured in 18 career publications. Ross routinely speaks to MBA programs across North America, and is known for delivering powerful and entertaining sessions that teach real-world success strategies. He has also spoken at major career events, global industry conferences, professional associations, and executive networking groups across the U.S. and Canada, and his high-energy style has consistently put him at the top of the career management speaking circuit. Contact Ross at