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Employer Lists
Employer Lists

To help job seekers expand their target list of employers beyond well-known companies where they will compete with the herd, Beyond B-School has compiled five lists of companies that should be more widely considered.

Building on the popularity of our TECH 100 list of employers ranging in size from the global giants to rapidly growing startups with open business management positions, we created three other lists:
  1. 300 Fastest Growing Companies in the U.S
  2. 300 of the Best Companies to Work For
  3. 500 Unicorn Companies - private companies valued by VCs at over $1 billion
  4. AI 300 -- Leading Companies Shaping the Future with Artificial intelligence

To download the lists in PDF, click on the thumbnails below.

America's Fastest Growing Companies


TECH 1000:  Companies Hiring MBAs Ranging from Rapidly Growing Start Ups to Corporate Giants

Researchers reviewed tech and general business publications, tech newsletters, think tank lists, VC client lists and company web sites identify companies in the U.S. and Canada with job openings requiring the skills of b-school students and alumni – such as business development, sales, merchandising, supply chain, and human resources. The list is searchable by location, tech sector and number of employees.

Best Companies to Work For 2022 V1 (1)

In today's competitive job market, finding the right employer is crucial for any job seeker. It's critical to consider factors such as company culture, employee satisfaction, growth opportunities, and overall reputation.

Unicorn 500


AI 300 Shape the Future with Top Companies in Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is rapidly growing and transforming the world around us. ChatGPT paved the way and now AI has a great impact on nearly every industry.